VOC Biomarkers

The quantification of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by the body's metabolic activity is a powerful approach to highlight differences in behavior, lifestyle, and metabolism of individuals.

Origin of VOC 

Volatile organic compounds are produced throughout the body by primary cells and are picked up and circulated in the bloodstream. In your lungs, gases are exchanged between circulating blood and inhaled breath. Alongside oxygen and carbon dioxide, volatile metabolites also pass from the blood into the lungs. These VOCs are exhaled and deliver useful biomarkers directly linked to the body's metabolism.


Every time you breathe out there are thousands of VOCs on your breath, some of these are biomarkers of TB. In our labs we are developing a sensor - we are using the Breath Biomarker platform based on nanotechnology and AI to detect TB at earlier stages. 


A TrackTB breath test offers a safe and cost-effective new screening tool for finding new cases of active pulmonary TB.

Breath tests For pulmonary tuberculosis